This rocks!

I’ve added a few hand-carved stone items to my shop. Each starts as an ordinary sandstone rock from a creek bed in Brown County, Indiana. Usually, the shape of the rock dictates the end design. The little bird below, for instance, isn’t too far from the shape formed by nature. I just helped it along a little. Like all my ideas, I start carving with a sketch. Check out the new candleholders in the shop.


It’s a new year! I love this time of year. The holidays are over & it’s time to set new goals and get a new start. This year’s mantra, STAY POSITIVE. This phrase has gotten me through some tough days at work. I started doodling this in a notebook last month and finished it up today. I like it so much that I think I’ll make a few things with it. Look for some new items in our Amazon store soon. Best wishes to everyone this year. May it be positive and prosperous!


Kids Greetings are cards kids color and send. All our cards have activities for kids to do while they fill out the cards. We have 3 sets available on Amazon now. I’ll have several more sets available soon along with free downloads and activities you can link to on the right (click the Kids Greetings logo). Our first introduction is a set of cookie party invitations. Follow us on Instagram @kidsgreetings. We’ll have many more items on our Amazon marketplace soon. Check it out!