Kids Greetings are cards kids color and send. All our cards have activities for kids to do while they fill out the cards. We have 3 sets available on Amazon now. I’ll have several more sets available soon along with free downloads and activities you can link to on the right (click the Kids Greetings logo). Our first introduction is a set of cookie party invitations. Follow us on Instagram @kidsgreetings. We’ll have many more items on our Amazon marketplace soon. Check it out!


I’ve worked on the pier a little more along with the leaves. I added some background contrast to pop the foreground. Still a lot to go. Did I say I wanted to finish this in a week??! Haha! You just can’t put a time limit on these things. I love the problem solving part of art. You work on one area and that presents the next. Let’s just say, I’ll stop with the time limits now. I just wanted to show I haven’t given up on this one. Art does take some perseverance to keep yourself going back to it even when you hit periods of boredome. I assume most people are this way, especially creative people and especially in our day and age of instant gratification. More camp to come.


I have tried this blog thing a handful of times before, but will try again now. I plan to publish some type of work each day. I have a little backlog, so this should be easy at first.

Like most people, there is your work and then there is the work you wish was your work. This blog will hold little glimmers of work that I start and then get sidetracked by real life. It will be mostly colorful, fun things to look at with quite a lot of randomness. This is the cliche case of start-a-blog-so-I-can-have-a-dedicated-focus…we’ll see :). It will also be somewhere I can post with no pressure or concern for likes. I do art to get all these ideas out of my head.

Lately, I’ve been working with metal, namely stamping and shaping. Here are some bracelets I put up on Etsy recently. My traffic is pathetic. No sales and no traffic. Maybe you’ll go there and there will be 2 visits today from you and me. 


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